No matter how you look at it, this world’s magic language is Japanese


by TigerKitty (arbitrarily translated
Translation by Priddles


One day due to an accident, Okata Kazuhiko, a university student living in Japan, drew closed the curtains on his short life. In the world he reincarnated as Gerald, he discovered that, for whatever reason, the language of magic was Japanese.

Gerald, who had retained his memory, quickly grasped any spells due to his mastery of Japanese. Taking advantage of his unparalleled skill in Japanese, Gerald leaves his village in order to become the greatest magician the world has ever seen.

※ There will be some elements of seriousness to this story, but fundamentally, I am aiming for a heartwarming, mellow, carefree and super-relaxed “battle focused” story.1

Table of Contents

1 (Rant)「超余裕バトルメイン」て一体何なんだよ?日本語でもないのに、どう訳せばいいん?!